Methodology and Usul in Islamic Thought

Contemplation (tefekkür) is one of the most important founding concepts of the tradition of Islamic science. Because contemplation on the verses of the Quran brought out religious sciences such as exegesis, fiqh, and kalam and it gave birth to a..

Usul in Islamic Sciences

The Institute of Islamic Thought has chosen the topics of method and maqasid as the primary research area. Because, considering its formation process and historical development, methodological science is not just science that explains and grounds the..

Usul and Makasıd

Today, we can talk about a crisis of meaning that humanity is experiencing on a global scale. This meaning crisis led to a moral crisis as well. The biggest reason for this moral crisis is the debate about value that makes a behavior moral and the so..

Unity of Sciences in Islamic Thought

It is free from any doubt that there is nothing nonsense, unreasonable (lağv), pointless (sehv) and useless (lehv) in the creation of Allah and the religion he sent. However, our misunderstandings and wrong interpretations can route us to a fool'..

Value, Ethics and Aesthetics

Under this topic, in both research and seminar programs, the Institute of Islamic Thought will address two main problems Islamic sciences face today. One of these problems is integrity and the other is methodology. What we mean by the problem of inte..



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