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Islamic Thought

Scholars, thinkers, and philosophers find it difficult to define current times through which mankind passes. While some of them define these periods as non-normal or paranormal (post-normal), others describe them as beyond truth or after truth (post-..

Islamic Sciences

The main problem facing Islamic sciences today is the problem of functionality, integrity, and usûl (foundations/principles) and methodology. The fact that the concept of Islamic Sciences was narrowed over time and allocated to only few researc..

Usul and Methodology

Contemplation, one of the most important founding concepts of the Islamic scientific tradition, is the worship of the intellect. The heart can only live by this unique worship. This worship transforms every glance into a sign, every emotion into an i..

Maqased (Higher Purposes)

Considering the process of formation and historical development of usûl (foundational science), which paved the way for the production of thought in Islamic sciences, it is not only a science that explains and bases the way of production of Fiq..

Values And Ethics

Today, it is possible to talk about a crisis of meaning experienced by humanity on a global scale as a consequence of a crisis of morality that it gave birth to. The biggest cause of the moral crisis is the debate about the value that makes a behavio..