Scholars, thinkers, and philosophers find it difficult to define current times through which mankind passes. While some of them define these periods as non-normal or paranormal (post-normal), others describe them as beyond truth or after truth (post-truth). Based on technological advancements some others define them as beyond human or after human (post-human). However, none of these definitions can point to the reasons that deprive all humanity from being natural and normal, and throw them beyond nature and even beyond truth.

The experience of current times shows us how far humanity is not only far from absolute truth but also from its own reality. It is not enough to attribute this situation to modernity and globalization - which is a sin of humanity- , technological advancements, digital revolutions, dissemination and commodification of knowledge. Our departure from the truth cannot be explained only by the virtual worlds where we confine ourselves. Although all these might more or less contribute by a share, the truth is that the loss of deep meaning of existence, eternal wisdom of creation, and belief in the absolute truth have left human beings facing deep crisis in this non-normal, post-truth world.

We Muslims have a strong belief that the best way out from these deep crises, compensation for humanity’s losses, and the pathways to the truth will be through Islam being the final chapter of monotheist religions. Because our Lord is the Lord of all the realms (Rabbü'l-âlemin), our Book is the guidance of all the worlds (hüden li'l- âlemin), and our Prophet is the mercy of all worlds (rahmeten li’l-âlemîn). However, we Muslims walked away from both living this guidance and mercy and also presenting this to all mankind by setting an example.

There is no doubt that Islam has much to say about the present situation in which mankind has fallen. Nonetheless, since Muslims got their fair share from this vortex of absurdity and unfaithfulness, cast away from being the nation of witness (Shahada) , their remarks on the current crises decreased significantly. Likewise, in modern times we observe that Islamic thought which is the only candidate that would remove the mankind from this existential crisis, had weakening in its holistic perspective on  humans, materials, and universe . Religious knowledge experienced serious problems, and Islamic studies were shattered; therefore, Muslims had difficulties in resurrecting the aforementioned thoughts.

Although the originals were as fit as a fiddle, disruption of the integrity of the resources of Islam established over centuries, serious problems in the system of evidence and the hierarchy of the evidences, and due to the fact that a crisis of meaning also being a moral crisis leading to ruining the system of values and hierarchy of values, all of these illustrate that we Muslims deliberately started to squander this unique hope. Likewise, Islamic philosophy has also been stagnant, Kalam lost its inference power,  Fiqh lost its system of extracting jurisprudential rulings (istinbat), and Sufism also lost its evidence of contemplation (istibsar); all Islamic scholars totally lost their ijtihad faculties.

Despite this pessimistic panorama, our greatest consolation is the fact that the main sources of Islam are still perfectly in our hands, which always have values of humanity and the potential of resurrection and the possibility of a way out no matter how the circumstances are. In addition, our traditional heritage has reached us as a crucial experience with its pros and cons. Historical experience always illustrates to us how thinkers and philosophers always started to produce ideas, knowledge, and values in old times when we had such great losses; and tells us that our scholars were inclined to methodology (Usûl) with Takwin (creation) and Tenzil (revelation), which teaches us to look at the issues again as a whole and addressing such issues with scientific methods.

Therefore, pursuant to our predecessors generated knowledge, ideas, and values, for humanity with a high self-confidence against the challenge of their times, we need to reproduce Islam’s proposal for the solution of the problems of this new times as a common ground for all humanity. to save Humanity from the vortex of no meaning No Truth and no Value.